Random old stuff

Some style frames I made when I was brainstorming for the Animation Sequnce Project. My final entry is here: http://animationsequence.com/entries/aaron-evans/ test 1 (0-00-02-25) tron_disc_ae01 (0-00-00-18)


New iPhone Names Announced

Cupertino CA – Apple announced today that new iPhones will be no longer receive numbers, such as “iPhone 5”. Instead they will receive names, similar to the way Apple denotes each new Mac OS X operating system. In the press release Apple CEO Tim Cook said the new phones would be named after pivotal moments in Steve Job’s life, starting with “Reed”, referring to the college Jobs attended. Names to follow are speculated to include “India”, “Atari”, “Woz’s Garage”, “NeXT”, “Pixar”, “Magical”, and “Think Different”.


quarternion-julia fractal ae01

Been playing with a free 3D fractal rendering tool called Mandelbulber. The interface is a bit spartan but it can create some really sweet renders. I just played around with the example fractal files already included with the software as I don’t really comprehend the maths behind it. Post work done in Photoshop to make them look a bit prettier.

You can download Mandelbulber here: http://www.mandelbulber.com/

Found out about Mandelbulber from this amazing website: http://chaoticatmospheres.com/. The stuff on that site is stellar. Hope to try the Cinema 4D attractor plugin he talks about sometime as well.

EDIT: Also, don’t forget the Atari/Lucasfilm game from the 80s starring the first 3D-ish environment using fractal mountains! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rescue_on_Fractalus!

Allow me to geek out over Rescue on Fractalus for a moment. ILM made a model of the fictional spacecraft just for the box even though you never see it from the outside in the game: http://superadventuresingaming.blogspot.com/2013/04/rescue-on-fractalus-atari-8-bit.html

Below is another render I did with Mandelbulber:
Folded trigonometric power 8 version 2 fractal