quarternion-julia fractal ae01

Been playing with a free 3D fractal rendering tool called Mandelbulber. The interface is a bit spartan but it can create some really sweet renders. I just played around with the example fractal files already included with the software as I don’t really comprehend the maths behind it. Post work done in Photoshop to make them look a bit prettier.

You can download Mandelbulber here:

Found out about Mandelbulber from this amazing website: The stuff on that site is stellar. Hope to try the Cinema 4D attractor plugin he talks about sometime as well.

EDIT: Also, don’t forget the Atari/Lucasfilm game from the 80s starring the first 3D-ish environment using fractal mountains!!

Allow me to geek out over Rescue on Fractalus for a moment. ILM made a model of the fictional spacecraft just for the box even though you never see it from the outside in the game:

Below is another render I did with Mandelbulber:
Folded trigonometric power 8 version 2 fractal


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