My favorite breakdowns and tutorials this week

There’s some awesome tutorials going around the internets lately which those of you interested in 3D software and the Cinema 4D world might geek out over as much as I have.

Below are sweet breakdowns posted on Greyscale Gorilla the other day. I love the illustration style of the first one, and the clever integration of key-framing and dynamics to make a really slick ad:

These breakdowns by Rich Nosworthy are really cool and contain some great insights into hard surface modelling and UV layout. I played with UV layout in Cinema two summers ago but never really got good at it, so I highly recommend these:

Day 105 – Making Of from rich nosworthy on Vimeo.

Making of Everyday 105 – Part 2 from rich nosworthy on Vimeo.

Also be sure to check out his tumblr where he posts a sweet render everyday. Challenging and inspiring to say the least!