New Animations!

A friend said I hadn’t updated my blog in a while, and I said, “No way! I just updated it.” Turns out it’s been a few weeks, so I will post more often in the future. Time is just flying by this February.

Spent a week playing with some ideas in Cinema 4D and learning more about the Physical Renderer, Global Illumination settings, and the new Camera Mapping tools in R14.

Seeds Experiment from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

Spheres at the Art Museum from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

Little experiment playing with the new camera projection tool in Cinema 4D R14 as well as physical renderer stuff.

Biosphere Test from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

BLC Type Experiment from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.


You can check out some making-of images at the bottom of the page here:


10 Minute Projects

Inspired by some really cool stuff Ash Thorp has been making:

Basically, he gives himself 10 minutes to create a design using only renders he’s made, photographs he’s taken, fonts installed on his computer etc.

I need to get back into doing these, here’s a few from last fall/winter that turned out to be interesting. Note that if you start doing these most of them probably won’t be any good, but they’re fun, and challenge you to try new things. Think of them as a kind of thumbnail sketch.

9.22.12 molecular_syllogism 9.22.12_die_gelbes_robot 9.25.12_sketching 10.6.12_10min 10.7.12_sunshine 10.8.12_overgrowth hgtv 2