30 Days of Style Frames

So after doing a 30 day animation, I’m embarking upon making 30 style frames over the next month. I ¬†might miss a few days as things are getting super busy at the end of the semester, but I will keep going until I have 30 completed before January 1st. Also note that I’m not restricting myself to making all of them in one day. Most of them will be made the day of, but some of these come from other projects I’m currently working on, and they took longer than one day.

Here’s the first five:


30 Days of Animation October 2012 Edition is complete!

30 Days of Animation – October 2012 from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

I felt inspired to do a little animating everyday for a month after seeing this video from Steffan Knoesgaard: vimeo.com/17411241.

Will have to do this again sometime!