New projects, and IK plugin for After Effects!

Been busy working on some new projects lately, which I will post about soon. In other news I had known about duIK for After Effects for awhile but hadn’t had a good excuse to play with it, until now!

duIK is a plugin which allows you to rig characters and objects with skeletons using Inverse Kinematics. This has been commonplace in 3D software for quite some time, but being able to bring this into the 2D world of After Effects is really powerful. Adobe could really make After Effects more character animation friendly by packaging an IK tool with the next version of After Effects.

duIK also has some really cool animation tools I haven’t explored yet. It would also help if there were some English language tutorials for the other aspects of the tool, so I may have to try watching the French tutorials.

You can get the plugin for free here:

Here’s some glimpses of new projects to come:


Previously Awesome

Recently, I tried something new and unfamiliar. I contributed to a chapter in a book! Well, actually an e-book. It’s called Previously Awesome.

My good friend Philip Wels ( wrote a book full of humorous stories which usually poke fun at himself while taking an amusing look at everyday life as well as more nerdy subjects such as video games and computers. If you like the style of humor found in works by Douglas Adams, Scott Adams, John Hodgeman, or David Thorne, I highly recommend this book. Even if you haven’t heard of them.

For those of you who own Kindles, you can even borrow the book for free from Amazon. So if you have a Kindle you have no excuse not to check it out. If you’re not sure you can even read a sample on the book’s site. I don’t normally advertise for things here, but I also don’t normally contribute to books (full disclosure: I’m don’t get any proceeds from the book for my contribution).

My chapter is called “Birthday Party”. Like the rest of the book, it may or may not contain references to real events.

Here’s Phil’s post about the book:

The website for the book:

And the book’s page on Amazon: