Command-Z from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

Short clip I made for the Greyscale Gorilla five second project based around the theme of ‘Command-Z’.


Organic Mechs

So glad I bought a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Too much fun!

This sketch was inspired by this blog post from concept designer Feng Zhu. Be sure to check out his video tutorials as well if you are interested in illustration:

I’m not going to say it’s always good to try something you’re not good at. We all need to protect and manage our time. But I would say that don’t let the fact you are terrible at something keep you from pressing on and trying to learn it, especially if you’re enjoying the process. I’m not looking to work as an illustrator, but whenever I have some spare time I try to get better at it through small steps such as learning a better way to shade an object or try out a new style of drawing.