Dark Knight Rises


Today’s post is an image I created inspired by all the Dark Knight Rises posters which have appeared around LA.

A note on the posters, I really like their bold layout and simplicity. “Dark Knight Rises” is all we need to know. I don’t care for some of the other posters which have taglines like, “The Legend Ends”. The power of the Batman brand is enough that “Dark Knight Rises” is it takes for instant recognition.

I think this one grabs me in particular because of the composition and stark contrast between the opposing sides. Bain is on the right, the side of power, surrounded by dozens of baddies, while Batman strides in quite outnumbered.

I also think it’s clever to have the less important parts of the URL darker in value so that “The Dark Knight Rises” stands out more.

I haven’t seen this one in person but it looks really cool, and I love the fact that all it says is “July 20”: