IOGraphia is cool app for recording where you mouse travels during the day. Lines trace the path of your mouse, circles indicate where the mouse stopped; bigger circles means your mouse stayed in one place longer. Like when you had a coffee break.

The above image is what 2.6 hours of work I did in Adobe After Effects looks like (I know it was 2.6 hours because the app handily records this information in the default file name when you save the image).

I’d definitely recommend trying it out. You can download free from their site:

Not sure how useful it is, but if you enjoy the ability to see data like this visually you’ll be sure to find it most amusing.

I would be interested in seeing if it could be used to study how efficient different program’s UIs are.

Here’s two more I recorded:

Premiere Pro – 46.6 minutes

Avid Media Composer – 1.2 hours