New Hockey Graphics

Here’s some frame grabs from some motion graphics I’ve been working on over the past several weeks for Charter College Hockey Weekend.

There are also some projects I’m really excited about going on over the next few weeks and months which I will post here once they’re completed.


Care Providers of Minnesota TV spot

Care Providers of Minnesota from Aaron Evans on Vimeo.

I directed and edited this local television commercial for a new sponsor of the Between the Lines Show. Our goal was to present the information about Care Providers of Minnesota in a warm, inviting setting. We received a number of photos from the client to use in the commercial so I came up with the idea of centering the visuals around photo frames in a home environment.

This was my first shoot with the Sony FS-100 and I was quite impressed. I think the modified AVCHD format the FS-100 uses which records at 28mb/s rather than the usual AVCHD standard 24mb/s really helped the image quality. I only needed to perform slight color corrections on the footage as the images turned out really well.

The super 35mm size sensor in the FS-100 produced a very shallow depth of field even though the stock E-mount lens is rather slow at f/3.5. Being new to the camera I didn’t realize I had the autogain turned on until the end of the shoot, but there was almost no noise visible even when I viewed the footage on a 27 inch monitor.

Edited with Premiere Pro and color graded with Magic Bullet Colorista Free.

Voiceover courtesy of Melissa LaFore: