Drive A Tank

Drive a Tank – Tank Intro from BLC Studios on Vimeo.

Drive a Tank – Shooting Range from BLC Studios on Vimeo.

This summer we had some Chinese students come to my school and take a video production for business class. They shot and edited these web commercials for Drive A Tank, located in Kasota, MN.

I helped with the shoot and shot some DSLR footage that appears in the edit as well. I also created the motion graphics for both videos. The 3d tank models are from the Google 3D Warehouse. I used Cinema 4D to animate and render those, and used Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects for the rest of the graphics work.

I will post some sketches and style frames from this project soon. I’m in the middle of some more exciting project so I will start posting on some of those soon.

Check out the Drive A Tank website at

Also see the pre-production materials I created for the project here: