Trees in Cinema 4D

Frame from the first shot in the animated short I’m working on.

I had a lot of difficulty figuring out how to make trees in Cinema 4D, so I thought I’d share what I learned for those who are having trouble bringing some greenery into their .c4d scenes.

I hope to release a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to create trees like those in the image above. Until then read the description that follows.

I’ve concluded that the best option would be to buy a plant plugin for Cinema. These are readily available from several vendors.

However I decided I didn’t want to invest several hundred dollars in virtual trees at the moment so I hunted around and found a partial solution: Mosplines!

Here’s the tutorial I watched:

The tutorial isn’t high quality but once I discovered that mosplines were what I was looking for I was able to figure out the rest.

I would suggest reading the Cinema 4D documentation about Mosplines and specifically the turtle Mospline.