Animated Short in Pre-Production

This is a style frame for the first scene. The biplane is an image from wikimedia commons. I drew the shed in Photoshop.

I currently working on the pre-production for an animated short film. I’m finishing my storyboards and splicing them together into a story reel with temp music and sound effects. I’ve also made some style frames to get an idea of how the lighting will look for different scenes.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time learning more about Cinema 4D, which is the animation software I’m using on the film. Modeling on the main character is going well and I’ve also begun laying out the UVs for him (UVs are coordinates on a 2d plane, just like in the cartesian coordinate system. They’re used to wrap 2d textures around 3d objects). He’s a WWI biplane, a Sopwith Camel to be precise.

Finding the right look for stylized clouds has been a little tough, and required some work arounds. I may post a tutorial about that later. For now I’m mostly utilizing the techniques found in this tutorial to create clouds:

Below are some more images from the pre-production process on this film.

A test render of clouds. For those of you who are into C4D the clouds are made of particle emitters shaded with a pyrocluster.

A style frame made in Illustrator. Inspired by the color script from the Disney/Pixar film Up. The color script from Up can be viewed here: frame from the story reel. Very rough but with motion it’s enough to see if the story is working and figure out rough timing.