Best Books for Aspiring Filmmakers – Part 1

I love reading great books, especially ones about film and video production. This is the first in a small series of posts about my personal favorites. Each post will list a number of books from a different category.

General Production Books

Outside Hollywood

Isaac Botkin has written the definitive book for aspiring Christian filmmakers. This challenging and thought provoking look at using the medium of film to glorify God is certainly a must read.

The DV Rebel’s Guide

Stu Maschwitz’s book about “An All Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap”. Filled with loads of helpful information about practical effects, shooting, color correction, and visual effects. The book even comes with materials such as Adobe After Effects scripts and extra chapters on the included DVD.

Me, Myself, and Bob, by Phil Vischer

The story of the creator of VeggieTales is tough to put down, (I read it in under twenty-four hours). If you’re not familiar with the history of VeggieTales it’s a somewhat sad story but has a profound ending. The lessons Phil Vischer learned and the mistakes he made are ones every aspiring filmmaker should pay very careful attention to. I enjoyed Phil Vischer’s writing style and the fun little episodes from his life so much that I’ve reread it several times.

Made to Stick

This great little book is all about how to make your message stay with your audience, and hopefully motivate them to do something about it. Filled with great tips for making stickier films.