Hunt for Red October illustration


Weekly 6 for illustration class. A great book, and a pretty good film. Sadly Tom Clancy passed away about a week ago so this project seemed timely. The tessellated water look and submerged rock formations were created in Cinema 4D, while the vessels were all drawn in illustrator and shaded in Photoshop. Lots of Photoshop compositing going on…


Sovremenny-class destroyers and Slava-class cruisers, of course…


The Red October being stalked by the U.S.S. Dallas. Yes I know the Dallas should be about half that size but I was afraid it would disappear completely.

Red-October-03USN Carrier Battle Group. America-class carrier and Arleigh-Burke class DDGs.

Weekly Illustrations #1-5

So for the illustration class I’m currently taking, we create an illustration every week based around the same object or idea. I picked a wooden puppet from the animated music video I helped produce last semester (which has almost 100k views now I guess, which is kinda cool).


Weekly 1 – The Thing


Weekly 2 – The Aviator


Weekly 3 – Spaceship


Weekly 4 – Upstream Color poster

100313_AE_weekly_05_daemon_03Weekly 5 – Daemon book cover